With any small business internet marketing strategy, we are always trying to find the most effective route that won’t leave us spinning our wheels.  So…the question always comes up,  “how do I market my business on the web correctly?”  It is definitely not an easy solution that can be done overnight.  With the right strategy,  you can rise above the competition by leaps and bounds.

When marketing a small business, or any business, there are key pieces of real estate that need to be covered to get the best bang for the amount of your time spent.   These areas include social media, on page search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, email marketing, landing page marketing and a whole lot more.

Luckily some very smart people put together an excellent resource that gives a week by week approach to making meaningful steps in propelling your business online.  This infographic “The Noob Guide to Online Marketing” is one of the best resources that we have found.  Take a look…..

(click for a larger view)

If you are looking for assistance in getting your small business internet marketing strategy to rise above your competitors online, Elemeno Digital would be glad to assist.