How to choose the right keywords for your business website can be a crucial part of your marketing strategy. At Elemeno Digital, we understand all websites are not the same in the eyes of Google or any search engine. Let’s face it, our business is to help your business be successful. Therefore, our keyword research helps to improve your overall digital strategy and ranking to direct more traffic to your website. Choose the Right Keywords

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Any individual with specific intent will land at your site if it caters to their needs. When you have the specific keywords customers look for, you can tap into a huge market opportunity presented by the search engines. So, how do you choose the right keywords for your business website? It all begins with selecting phrases or words that can help you to rank on the search engines.

How to find easy to rank keywords

If you want to know the right keywords for your website, you should understand the competitive power of your business. Additionally, you don’t want to waste your time creating content keywords that will make your website lag behind the competitors. Generally speaking, the competitive power of your website is based on the ability to rank on search engine results pages.

Do you have an idea of the content you want to create? Do you understand what the competitors aspire to target? Think of the industry publications, bloggers in your niche, etc. If you want to get the best keywords, you should:

  • First, enter the seed phrase
  • Searching by site
  • Sort the keywords based on competition, popularity, and relevance
  • Keep track of competitors’ rankings

Are you picking the right region?

Depending on the customer base, you should rank for keywords that target specific regions. Since SEO is competitive, it takes time to rank. And as you choose keywords, you should have a specific outlook for your business. This is important if you want to rank on local pages.

Use Google and YouTube suggest

When Google suggests a specific keyword, you can be sure many people are searching for it. But you don’t have to stop there – you can use YouTube Suggest.

Tip: Check out Ubersuggest by SEO guru Neil Patel for free keyword suggestions. 

Find popular topics on Forums

Chances are that your target audience hangs on forums like Reddit. This means that you can find plenty of ideas on the platform. For instance, if you run a website on pet foods, you can always find something related to what you want to sell.

Keep in mind that you should look for niche-related forums. Be sure to use keywords with more than one forum.

The right keywords you should target

Keywords have a design to be actionable, so you should focus on getting real-world results. The keyword tools will help you to:

  • Set negative keywords- eliminate all keywords that are not profitable to your business
  • Group keywords – This involves segmenting related keywords towards better grades on your SEO
  • Create ad groups – you should create keyword groups for your pay-per-click campaigns
  • Write keyword-rich copy – create optimized blog posts, landing pages, and other web content

Why use a professional to help with keyword research

Keyword research is important for your search engine optimization(SEO). It impacts any other task you perform like email outreach, on-page SEO, finding content topics, content promotion, etc.

Since many factors can impact your website SEO, you should hire a professional to help you choose the right keywords that convert visitors to repeat customers.

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