Thinking of transitioning your Volusion website over to WordPress?

WordPress is an excellent platform to create your e-commerce website. We have found that some customers have made the move from Volusion because of the blogging options and monthly costs. WordPress can take care of the e-commerce end with programs like Woocommerce or multiple other cart systems, along with a complete blogging system and low overall costs.

When moving your e-commerce website to WordPress you want to be sure you choose a qualified web design company that can make this transition as smooth as possible. When done correctly all customer information, orders, products, product images, and all relevant information should be brought into the new website. There is no reason that you should leave it behind and lose all of that important data that you have worked so hard to gather.

Do your products have variables of sizes or packaging for single products? These also need to be thought of when transitioning the website. You don’t want to spend countless hours resetting up all of those product variations. Same with images, you don’t want to manually add all of your images one by one, by one, by one…this may make your head hurt just thinking about it!

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