Wordpress Web Design Kansas CityWhat is WordPress?

WordPress is an “open-source” web development platform. Open source means that the underlying code for the platform is made freely available to the public. Coders from all over the world collaborate to come up with software fixes that are non-proprietary; any individual that decides to edit the WordPress core code must, by default, be willing to have their work critiqued and expanded upon. Effective solutions will be quickly brought into play; “bad” fixes will fall by the wayside and won’t see wide adoption. This decentralized consensus factor actually helps us come up with solutions for your business.

At one time, this idea was frightening to those accustomed to using “closed” systems with hidden, proprietary software. However, as has been seen with the success of open networks like Wikipedia and Blockchain, a decentralized system built from a host of collaborators simply yields faster solutions, efficient fixes and dependable scalability.

I Want to Grow My Business and Reach More Customers

So we have laid out the basics of WordPress’s strengths. Now, what is usually on the mind of anyone thinking of expanding their online reach is how they can reach more targeted viewers. WordPress, right out of the box, is coded in a format that makes it very simple for Google to index and rank a site in its proper contexts. This doesn’t mean that your site doesn’t need to look good or actually contain engaging content, but rather that WordPress and search engines are friends from the start.

What WordPress Website Design Can Do For You

– We design you a modern and attractive yet responsive site
– We structure your site to facilitate ease-of-use
– We write engaging content for your site
– We optimize content to carefully chosen keywords that target your niche
– We properly index your site with headers that alert Google and the other search engines of your existence
– We maintain your site to ensure its continued relevance in your market space and
– We grow with your site! WordPress websites are incredibly scalable!

Kansas City WordPress Design

When coders communicate, clients win. We, the nerds, are always looking to create practical solutions from your unique ideas. The fact that decentralized systems exist to allow coders to communicate better means that ideas can be brought to reality much faster than it time’s past. We want to build you an incredible web presence and powerful applications directly resulting from your intuition. We are always open for a challenge.

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