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Welcome to The Premiere Kansas City Online Marketing Company!

Here at Elemeno Design we pride ourselves on our abilities to showcase your business online. Our services range from custom web design to fully inclusive social media packages. However, today we are going to be talking about how we take care of your needs in the online marketing sphere. Let’s start with some terms you’ll like run into.

Terms & Definitions:Kansas City Online Marketing


AdWords is the paid online marketing program run through Google. This paid-for-click advertisement program was first launched in 2001. It allows businesses that are willing to pay for it, to jump the rankings in order to be seen by their potential customers. Has grown incredibly useful now that Google has corned the online search market (roughly 70%).

Back links.

These are particular links that point directly to a page or post on your site from an external source. They show legitimacy and interest in your content. Search engine algorithms love back links. (Don’t over do them though because it become suspicious)


Otherwise known as Click Through Rate. This number will be presented as a percentage because it’s the ratio of clicks per impressions. So if you have a low CTR number than you may want to tweak your ad in order to entice more clicks.

Conversion Rate.

This depends on the goal that you have set. For some it’s merely a lead for a salesman to follow up with a call. Others, it’s a financial transaction. Nonetheless, the conversion rate is the number of “successful” events you’ve had compared to the people that viewed your page.


Cost per Acquisition. What you pay per lead, sale, sign-up etc. that you received.


Cost per Click. One of the two most common paid forms of marketing. You pay the previously stated bid amount of money every time your ad is clicked on. Google Adwords implements the CPC style of transaction.


Cost per Impression. The other most common paid marketing strategy. Typically CPM is based on 1,000 impressions. The number of times it is clicked on has no bearing on the amount of money you pay. On the inverse, if nobody clicks on the ad you will still owe that amount of money.


The ability to target out your ads’ reach based solely on the location of people.


Think of them as headers with importance. These h-tags allow the search engines to determine importance. If you have something you are trying to rank highly for in the searches, find a way to put them with h1/h2/h3 tags.

Internal links.

These are back links that stay within your site. It’s like a spiderweb of pages and posts interlinking to establish further importance for one another. (Again, you them cautiously)


Keywords are the searched terms. They aren’t just one singular word most of the time. You are trying to get a close as you can to the actual input search of your target demographic. Example: Mowing (bad) Lawn Mowing Service Kansas City (good).

Landing Page.

This is the page where your ad will lead to. The goal is convert here. Give them a phone number to call and an opt-in area to give their information. You are trying to get a lead here. Just taking them to a page where they then have to navigate again spells doom. Create your page to reflect directly to the ad/keywords you have in place. This is your money maker.

Organic Listing.

How does your website list based on tons of factors. Check out our piece on how Google ranks websites to learn more.


The customer has expressed interest in what you are offering and has given you their information (email, name, phone number, etc.) in order to learn more. They are leads.


Pay per Click. See CPC.


Search engine optimization. This is how friendly your website shows to search engines. Link popularity and relevant content play a huge role in determining a websites SEO. Those are not the only factors though. It’s yet another game of borderline content manipulation to funstion within the set parameters in the search algorithms.



Now that you know a thing or two about terms you should be able to start researching for yourself. The days of TV, radio, and billboards aren’t completely gone. They certainly have competitions now though. Online marketing is as important to your business as anything you can be doing. So if you’re having worries about whether you’re doing it right or not, remember Elemeno Design. We’re your Kansas City online marketing company. Give us a call and let us help you today.

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